9 unbeatable benefits of Waters Mineral Pot

  • 1. Removes sediments and impurities which boiling cannot do
  • 2. Removes chlorine, a suspected carcinogen, present in 85% of our tap water
  • 3. Reduces chemical (of which there are some 65,000 types and still increasing) that seep into our tap water
  • 4. Eliminates bacterial growth in water and reduces harmful heavy metals that can cause birth deformities
  • 5. Provides water within the pH7.3-pH8.5 range
  • 6. Offers fresh and delicious water easily absorbed by our body
  • 7. Supplements water with 20 kinds of minerals at a fraction of the cost of bottled water
  • 8. Replacement parts availability for all model (even 30 years ago model).
  • 9. Cheaper per litre versus bottled water and refilling stations

Nature & Science in Harmony

Principle of Waters Mineral Pot

Water on the ground penetrates slowly into the soild to be filtered and purifies. It then stays on the uderground based rock, absorbing various mineral ions to become natural mineral water.

Waters Mineral Pot adopts this natura’s principle by applying this slow-flow gravitational principle. The use of activated carbon, activated coral sands, zeolite and high quality silica sends effectively cleanse the water. Silver ions from the Somelite five a bacteriostatic effect. At the same time activation occurs when the water absorbs more than 20 types of minerals while passing through the coral sands and integrated mineral sands, thus producing a fresh alkaline mineral water.


ZAMZAM Water PH Level Test
Alkaline mineral water

Alkaline mineral water is able to generate hydrogen when various mineral ingredients are mixed and dissolved in water. Mineral alkaline reduced water has a negative value for oxidation reduction potential (ORP). The smaller the negative value for ORP, the better the functionality.

This means that it is particularly effective in the reduction of harmful active oxygen. Professor H.W Kim of Yonsei University has done a lot of research on mineral alkaline reduced water. His research has shown various positive effects in regards to the existence of hexagonal water, including anti-cancerous effects and immune system strengthening ability. (Refer to Water of Life).


According to the results of many researchers, in summary, the following effects of mineral alkaline reduced water can be :

  • · Turns the acidic blood condition of the body to alkaline state.
  • · Removes & eliminates lactic acid build up in muscles & cell tissue.
  • · Effective for regulation of bowel movement.
  • · Reduces acidic wastes in the blood.
  • · Reduces fat content in the body.
  • · Promotes blood circulation.
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